DMTF020 – Tinkle as you score

After just one rather shitty game, Simon and Jan have a little conversation about the home game against Wolfsburg and then drift off into urinals and other baloney. The end features a short interview with Graham of Roker Rapport fame. Shownotes: (Olympiastadion Wikipedia) (Graham on Twitter) (Graham’s podcast) (beautifully written blog […]

DMTF017 – There is always a “but” with Hertha

In our latest effort, we discuss the away game in Hannover and the home game against Frankfurt and all the stuff happening before and after these games. We give you an update on the injuries afflicting the team and we answer questions from our esteemed listeners. There seems to be more than one after all, […]

DMTF006 – Even more precarious games

Hello there peeps, Simónir has returned from his vacaciones and we are back at it in our little room with DMTF006. We discuss three more or less precarious games, dabble and digress. 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:19 BSCM05 00:14:28 B04BSC 00:26:45 Hertha II vs. Viktoria 1899 00:34:33 Remembering the past 00:45:52 Q+A (constains digression) 01:08:37 More digression […]