DMTF-029. Pure Football – Pure Stadium

In this episode we dabble in some actual facts which is a massive departure from our normal joking, waffling and ranting.  We start off with Simon talking to himself about the game against Dusseldorf for a while.  ( He talks to himself a lot to be honest – it’s the only way he get’s the answers he wants).  The game went well and to give a feel of the mood after the game here’s a short clip showing the celebrations at the Ostkurve.

After about nine and a half minutes Simon twitting on we then move on the a section recorded earlier in the week about Blau-Weisses Stadion with Simon’s friend Inis.

Blau-Weisses Stadion is a Berlin fan based campaign group working with all parties to help bring about a successful new stadium project for Hertha. We learn about the aims of the campaign and how they are working towards their goals.

Naturally, by successful we mean an outcome that will work for us – the fans. If it works for us, it will work for Hertha as a whole. 

Hopefully you will find the interview and the background it provides interesting and give you further insight into the fan scene in Berlin.  Ha Ho He

Needless to say it is also available on iTunes and elsewhere. Take your pick.

A useful link to the Blau-Weises Stadion blog (in German at time of publication)

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