DMTF 033 – Death of a Klinsmann

This time we have a guest on our 33rd episode, Markus joins us at the DMTF Headquarters. We have a lot to talk about including three league games, one cup game and lastly one under 23 game.

The U23 teams walk out for Hertha vs VfB Auebach

We finished off talking about the alleged racist incident in Gelesenkirchen. At least we thought we were finishing off at the time.

The support shown by fans holding up the number 25 when his name was called out.

Posters made in support of Jordan Torunarigha

But, little did we know that Uncle Jürgen would pull a fast one the next morning. So we were able to get two Hertha experts for a little addendum show on Tuesday night.

  • 00:00:00. –  Introduction
  • 00:04:19. –  WOBBSC
  • 00:12:55  –  BSCS04
  • 00:24:14. –  BSCVfB (Hertha II)
  • 00:30:07. –  Transfer Update
  • 00:37:09  –  S04BSC
  • 00:43:49 –  BSCM05
  • 00:51:21  –  Listener Questions
  • 01:26:00 –  Torunarigha – Fuck Racism
  • 01:41:43 –   Bye Bye (or so we thought)
  • 01:43:32 –  Addendum (feat. Alison and Esther)

As usual we have added a inbuilt player to listen to this episode via this page if that helps you.

Interested links

Young Dardi sinking a basked in practice –

A DW article on Klinsmann’s departure

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That’s all folks . . . enjoy!

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