DMTF 046 – Our Collective Pain

Patrick, Simon and Markus are joined by ike from New Hampshire to talk about recent events following the return of Pal Dardai. They also answer listeners questions (or try to) and speculate about the future.

00:00;00 Welcome, weather reports and painful stats

00:02:50. –  The game against Bayern

00:06:13  –  The game against Frankfurt

00:10:08. –  The next game plus leadership on the pitch

00:18:33. –  Dardai stabilises the defence but . . .

00:21:17 –  About Preetz

00:25:23. –  Welcome Mike

00:38:30. –  the Next few games plus lister questions

00:45:17. –  “Hertha in Europe”

00:46:02. –  More Listener questions

01:03:25. –  Goalkeepers

01:08:50. –  Simon’s story and Goodbyes

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That’s all folks . . . enjoy!

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