DMTF 047 – Very Punchable Faces

In this episode Patrick, Simon and Markus are joined by Nick Gerum from Wisconsin to talk about Hertha’s recent tribulations. Also, vandalism terminology, the “joys” of relegation, haute cuisine, and listener questions meant for another podcast (No offense, guys!). Also, yet again, Patrick talks way too much about a team that’s not Hertha.

00:00 – 00:01. Hellos

00:01 – 05:48. Depressing Facts, the game against Stuttgart 

05:48 – 07:10. Depressing stats

07:10 – 14:05  The game against L€ipzig

14:05 – 18:00. The season ahead

18:00 – 22:30. Introducing Nick and reminiscing about relegation and promotion

22:30 – 23:15   Shoutout the Matt Herman and Talking Fussball

23:15.- 27:04.  Wolfburg and returning players

27:04.   Listener questions

53:40.   The “Ihr könnt auf uns zählen” campaign. 

1:01:15. Nick’s long life beers

1:01;50. Goodbyes

As usual we have added a inbuilt player to listen to this episode via this page if that helps you.

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That’s all folks . . . enjoy!

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