DMTF005 – With Precarious Technical Difficulty

Here we are back again with our fifth episode where we deal with the technical  difficulties of remote pod casting as a result of Simónir being first in Spain and then in England.  This posed considerable difficulties for a couple of guys who not only know very little about football but also, it appears, making podcasts which under the circumstances is unfortunate.

In this episode we talk about a number of topics including:

    • Why was Simónir not in Berlin?
    • Agenda
    • Away in Bremen – SVWBSC.
    • Transfers.
    • At home in the snow against Hoffenheim.
    • Predictions for the next three games (hopelessly inaccurate)
    • Goalkeepers
    • The 50+ rule comparisons with England (a question from Sorgenkind)
    • Its a wrap

You can listen to this episode via iTunes and Souncloud in the normal way but also through the embedded player below.  If you use iTunes don’t forget to rate us and hopefully say something nice.


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