DMTF009 – 1,000 goals and a Fleischwolf

This weeks home game had our committed and professional reporters living in hope as they arrived at the stadium on a day that was not quite as pleasant as the weather forecasters and indeed Hertha had us believe.  Following this advice about not needing long sleeves Simonir turned up in his shirt and shorts as drizzle started to fall on fans standing outside at a bar before the game.  We were hoping Pal Dardai’s plan for the game ran more smoothly than his clothing choices for the day!

 After a little pyro display from the listing Köln fans the game started well enough with an attacking formation of 4.4.2 with both Ibisevic and Selke up front.  

It appeared Pal was not going to mess about this time and he was going to for it it.

In this episode our intrepid reporters will be discussing:

    • Introductions and games to be covered – away in Monchengladbach at home against Köln
    • 1 minute – Disappointment in Monchengladbach but positives to be taken in terms of attacking play
    • 10.5 minutes – Match day 30 at home against FC 1. Köln, disappointing weather and meeting visitors from both Köln and Manchester.
    • 14.5 minutes – The first half against Köln and defensive errors.
    • 23 minutes – The second half with the defensive mistake being subbed off.  Selke breaks his 716 minute goal drought and scores a second for Hertha’s 1000th home goal.  Hertha’s first home win in 2018 and in 122 days.
    • 33.5 minutes – Looking forward to games in the future and the fan march “March of tradition” before the last game of the season against Leipzig.
    • 35/38 minutes – Stark gets an early birthday present – a broken nose that was operated on the Monday after the game.
    • 41 mins strikers, and injured players
    • 43 minutes – where we are in the table and how it’s all going to end this season
    • 50 minutes – podcasts after the end of the season and new players
    • 52 minutes – Kevin Grosskreutz the multipurpose player 
    • 54.5 minutes – the 2. Bundesliga.  
    • 56 Simon’s blog and the new stadium for Hertha (mention a Dennis Jastrzembski signing a professional contract) 
    • 1 hour 4 minutes shout of to @GrahamRCurrie and the German love affair with Scotland
    • 1 hour trying to think about an episode title, suggestions for the next episode and rambling about food (feeling hungry by this point)
    • 1 hour 15 minutes – it’s a wrap

As usual I have added a inbuilt player to listen to this episode via this page if that helps you.

Here’s a snapshot of what you missed if you were not able to be in the Olympiastadion to see the 2:1 win against Köln.

 . . . and on the way home . . .

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