DMTF011 – Groundhog Day on MD 34

In the last Matchday episode of this season, we have to talk about the last two games. Grief counseling would be more appropriate. But we do see some positive aspects to the whole ordeal, a very blue-white fan march and other observations concerning our beloved Alte Dame.

Chapters for this podcast episode:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:08 H96BSC
00:10:32 Fanmarsch der Traditionen
00:20:05 BSCRBL00:32:43 Post-match00:40:14 BSCBVB Under-19
00:44:59 Miscellaneous
00:59:30 Outro

A couple of pictures from the last day of Hertha’s 2017/18 season.

Blue, white and, in this case, red

Until next season

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Have a great summer, y’all!


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