DMTF012 – Here we go again!

In the lead up to the new season SImonir is “home alone” whilst Jan jets off and suns himself in the Costas – lucky Jan.  None of the normal banter on this occasion other than when Simónir starts talking to himself!  In this episode we kick off introducing the listener to the new 2018/19 Bundesliga season and opening cup game.  Simónir rambles on about a few things including:

  • 0:00 Hello, excuses and apologies.
  • 1.00 The changes to the squad incoming and outgoing
  • 7:40 Pre season news – Tedi offer on reduced price tickets
  • 9:00 Why sell off cheap tickets?
  • 18:50 The new stadium
  • 20:10 The opening game in the DFB-Pokal the team including pyros
  • 21:40 The DFB-Pokal, the team
  • 23:17.  The DFB-Pokal, the game itself
  • 31:00 It’s a wrap

At the ground in Braunschweig

Photos thanks to Nico – and Axel Kruse Jugend

Useful Links

Attendance / stadium figures – 

Berlin Population in 2018.  -3,670,622 2018

Berlin Population in 1939 –  1939 – 4.338.756

Stadium plan –

Pyros in Braunschweig – 

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