DMTF015 – The Sound of Silence

In our newest episode, we have a look at the away game in Dortmund (neat), the away game in the cup in Darmstadt (also neat), the home game against Raba in an unusually quiet Olympiastadion (not very neat) and we also have to talk about the reactions to the flares and violence in Dortmund (not at all neat), the club’s reaction (also not so neat) and the repercussions of the incident, the support boycott and the conflict between the fans and Hertha BSC (nothing neat whatsoever). We try to end on a few positives and will be back after the next home game against Hoffenheim.

Flagless stadium vs. Raba


Special shoutout to our listeners in the United States and to Ulf from Sweden.


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00:00:00 Introduction/Hello
00:02:32 BVB – BSC
00:17:53 BVB – BSC off the pitch
00:21:01 D98 – BSC
00:29:31 BSC – Raba
00:37:31 Off the pitch – Hertha and its fans
01:03:37 Positives: Maxi & Peter
01:13:43 Injury time

As usual we have added a inbuilt player to listen to this episode via this page if that helps you.

Show Notes:

Hertha BSC wants to find the culprits quickly
(Tagesspiegel – in German) 

The Hertha rioters hurt the sport and the fan scene
(Berliner Morgenpost – in German) 

Bundesliga match marred by clashes between fans and police.
(DW Sports in English) 

Borussia Dortmund, Hertha Berlin probed by German FA after fan violence
(ESPN in English) 

A Reddit thread relating to the troubles at the Dortmund game.

If you feel so inclined to see the scenes in Dortmund (viewer discretion is advised,) here is a YouTube video of the situation in Dortmund:

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