A snowy Saturday at the Olympiastadion (Credit: Esther Müller-Reichenwallner)

After just one rather shitty game, Simon and Jan have a little conversation about the home game against Wolfsburg and then drift off into urinals and other baloney. The end features a short interview with Graham of Roker Rapport fame.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympiastadion_(Berlin) (Olympiastadion Wikipedia)

https://twitter.com/Asylumdoors (Graham on Twitter)

https://rokerreport.sbnation.com/ (Graham’s podcast)

http://bit.ly/2Sbx9g6 (beautifully written blog post on Hertha and the Pokal – in German)

http://www.fussball-musings.com/ (Simon’s Hertha blog)