DMTF021 – Fika and Kielbasa

In this brand-new episode, we whiz through a ton of games in various detail and give you all the latest shebang about the best club in the entire galaxy. Coming soon to a country run by a white supremacist near you! Also there is a competition! Prizes to be won! Get in there!

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No Shownotes today ­čÖü


00:00:00 Intro and Hello
00:02:03 BSCWOB/BSCFCB Cup Tie
00:07:42 BMGBSC
00:11:38 BSCSVW
00:16:12 BSCM05
00:28:20 BSCBVB
01:01:00 Hertha Echo
01:04:44 11mm Festival 2019
01:10:22 Mixed Hertha Factoids
01:20:47 Hertha comes stateside!
01:28:03 DMTF Competition
01:31:34 Outro

Make sure to participate in our first ever competition… Listen to the penultimate chapter if you feel so inclined. Or listen to the whole thing, see if we care… ­čśë

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