DMTF028 – A streak of good fortune

In this episode the podcast is hosted by Simon together with Patrick and Cynth from Canada to represent our North American listener. We waffle on about two games starting with the home win against Paderborn and then away in Koln. Before the Paderborn game some fans cycled to the stadium in solidarity with climate change protests – our intrepid reporter recorded some of the ride for our listener to enjoy. The Olympiastadion itself was warmer than I remembered as a member of the crowd stripped off and ran out the pitch to cool off causing some people to no see one of the goals. An eventful weekend was had by all and nice to see the old lady coming back into form.

We also talk a little about the continuing saga of the new stadium for Hertha and some of the recent developments. Also we mention the “new” fan based campaign for the right kind of stadium – “Blau-Weisses Stadion”.

Anyhow, here’s the latest episode as of October 2019 so give it a go . . .

Needless to say it is also available on iTunes if you’re an Apple person!

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