DMTF031 – I’m back in Jürgen’s arms

Klinsmann at first presser announcing his appointment as interim manager.

Simon and Jan sit down to catch up on all the latest about Hertha in person. Some surprise guests join us and we have a little bit of bonus material from the Canadian sensation and a little shout-out that might be of interest to our listeners in the US of A.

We cover the games against Augsburg, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Leverkusen and Mönchengladbach. A certain Jürgen named Klinsmann is also briefly mentioned. We discuss all the hoopla and some of your questions. Keep them coming.

As usual we have added a inbuilt player to listen to this episode via this page if that helps you.

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Shownotes: (Concert snippet from Passionskirche)


00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:03 FCABSC
00:07:30 BSCBVB
00:17:00 SGEBSC
00:30:19 BSCSCF (feat. Patrick & Cynthia)
00:47:03 B04BSC
01:01:10 BSCBMG
01:11:27 The Klinsmann Chronicles and Q&A
01:33:57 Goodbye
01:34:47 Injury Time

That’s all, folks!

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