DMTF014 – Old or New Hertha?

Here we are again with out latest Hertha podcast in English.  Well Simónir tends to gabble a bit but that’s not a separate language.  In this, our third episode of the 2018/19 season, we discuss the away game in Mainz and the home game against Freiburg and then get lost in other ramblings (again).

Chapter points are as follows –

00:00. –  Hello
00:32. –  Hertha away in Mainz
08:29. –  The International break
14:03. –  Hertha at home against SC Freiburg
40:49. –  Outlook and further ramblings
50:38. –  Its a wrap

We avoided the temptation to talk about American Literature mentioned in tweets before recording but Simónir reserves the right to digress into Norse mythology should we run out of ideas next time ;).

The walk to the stadium approaching from the east on the sunny afternoon before the Freiburg game

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As usual we have added a inbuilt player to listen to this episode via this page if that helps you.

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