DMTF008 – One Goal Doesn’t Make A Summer

In this week’s episode Jan and Simon celebrate Easter Monday after braving the elements of the weekend in Berlin.  The skies over Berlin (Der Himmel über Berlin – a cracking film by the way) threw everything from glorious spring sunshine to miserable drizzle to freezing sleet.  It was hard to tell what season we were in but hey, such is life.

The Saturday night had us trudging towards the Olympiastadion on a dark, wet March evening with quite a few supporters deciding it was all too much but hey I’m sure the listener appreciates our commitment.

As discussed in the podcast the already dark, wet rather miserable night was supplemented by a little pyro display put on by the visiting supporters.  I guess they wanted to block out the superior support in the Ostkurve with the smoke.  Here are a few photos as a picture paints a thousand words . . . or something . . .    

Anyhoo . . . DMTF008 has us chatting about . . . 

  • Hello’s
  • What’s episode 008 all about
  • Hamburger SV away and the end of the 448 minute goal drought with goals from Lazaro (voted Bundesliga “Rookie of the month” for March) and Kalou
  • The German National Team and the stadium support (or the lack of it)
  • At home in the highland mist against VfL Wolsfburg
  • Fan discontent with the management and Mr Keuter in particular.  Objections to the digitalisation of the club a resources used in that area and e-Sports rather than “real sport”.
  • Hertha abstained in the DFL 50+1 vote although Fan Clubs sent support of retaining of retaining the Status Quo.
  • The perils of the Bundesliga trying to compete with the likes the English Premiere League and Hertha seeking investors.  Also the amazing disappearing John-Anthony Brooks (who?)
  • More about Hertha’s game against Wolfsburg and looking forward to next season (is this season already over?). The return of Julian Schieber.
  • Jan misses the 11mm football film festival though ill heath.
  • Simon talks about looking at whales and Jan regrets not seeing puffins in Scotland.
  • It’s a wrap

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Useful links to subjects mentioned:

Lothar Matthäus – 

Der Himmel über Berlin  (English title “Wings of Desire”). –

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