Opprecon Part 1: F95 with Beate

Hey there, we have a new (albeit not very inventive) feature: opposition reconnaissance. The very smart and very generous Beate, on Twitter as @badrulbudur, was so kind to answer a few questions ahead of our home match versus Fortuna Düsseldorf. Without further ado, here is Beate.

1. Beate, your Twitter bio says you are a F95-Hoolinette. What does that mean? And how did you become a Fortuna follower?

There are in total six „Hoolinetten“, all of which are fans of Fortuna Düsseldorf and, needless to say, female. One day, one of us came up with this nickname and we decided that this “title” is shared only among the six of us. Since then, we enjoy being a bit mysterious about what exactly that means… Yet: It is some sort of pun, like a female version of – only the word! – “hooligan”, but believe me: we are very nice and peaceful. Unless someone tries to annoy the #tpdus, a football related regulars’ table for Twitter people we are organizing in Düsseldorf. In that case, better be aware of a little axe and a baseball bat… just kidding.How did I end up with Fortuna? My father has been a supporter of Fortuna as long as I can remember. So I didn’t really have a choice, I am Düsseldorferin born and bred. Although, my passion for Fortuna can be very painful. What I like particularly about Fortuna is that they try to remain a little bit different – still trying to compete in the Bundesliga and of course trying to earn some money.  (I am a traditionalist but not too naive.)

2. If a fairy had come to you last August and offered you 34 points after 27 match days, you would have checked their id. How does it feel to be outperforming all expectations, especially after everybody had Fortuna Düsseldorf as the number one sureshot candidate for relegation and the underwhelming start to the season (5 points after 10 games)?

I would certainly have had a good laugh at that Fairy. The team’s perfomance is unbelievable, but still: We’ve had our share of humiliating defeats this season. I have to say that I very much enjoy the current situation, from time to time looking at the table with a wide grin…

3. What is your expectation for the next season?

Next season will probably be even harder than this one. Fortuna’s performance will very much depend on how many players will stay. Actually, the team spirit is quite obviously very, very good. Some of the players even go on holidays together. On the pitch they fight for each other and seem to really respect their coach. It is vital for Fortuna that this this will stay part of their DNA – it is our key to success. The only one I am afraid.

4. What is your personal highlight of the season so far? [The home win against Hertha is NOT a valid answer ;-)]

After five back-to-back-losses earlier this season, there was another defeat – Fortuna lost 3:0 against their local rival, Mönchengladbach. After the match, the team went to the stands raising their fist up in the air, and Fortuna’s social media team posted a picture of this. It showed the team and everybody in the stands sharing that very gesture. At that moment, we were pretty much at the end of the table but the posting said that this team will never give up and will always carry on trying. The team believed in itself and, I’m sorry I have to say this, we actually did win the next match – against Hertha…


Needless to say, a 3-3 draw in Munich and the 2-1 win over Dortmund were pretty special – keeping in mind where we came from.

5. Where will the statue for Friedhelm Funkel be built and when will it be ready?

There is a statue of Toni Turek, the goalie of the 1954 World Cup champions, in front of the stadium. So, Friedhelm’s statue has to be erected somewhere else, maybe as some sort of collossus of a Rhodes-like statue with one leg on each shore of the river Rhine – as he works on the east bank (“rechtsrheinisch”), but lives on the west bank (linksrheinisch).  That would be very suitable for a humble man like Friedhelm Funkel. I guess he would like it. 😛

6. Hertha comes off the worst performance of the season so far in Mordor [Markranstädt], Fortuna just beat the living tar out of Champions-League-candidate Ostholland [Gladbach]. What is your prediction for Saturday and where will you be watching the match? 

Hard to predict. Surprisingly, Fortuna could move up to 10th – that would be amazing and better than any fairy could ever have promised. My boss and I have a nice saying on our office white board: If you start doing the math, you’ll lose for sure. Yet I hope that Fortuna will carry on with what they showed against Gladbach, the team is pretty self-confident. I would be surprised if Fortuna would lose – because of Fortuna’s past performances, not those of Hertha. 

7. If there is anything else you want to tell us, go ahead. 

Someone used to say: If you have Fortuna Düsseldorf in your life, you really understand what hardship means. Well, guess what, football can turn your life into a very sweet affair.

Thank you so much Beate, for your time and your great answers. And all the best for your team, unless we meet them again next season.

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