DMTF008 – One Goal Doesn’t Make A Summer

In this week’s episode Jan and Simon celebrate Easter Monday after braving the elements of the weekend in Berlin.  The skies over Berlin (Der Himmel über Berlin – a cracking film by the way) threw everything from glorious spring sunshine to miserable drizzle to freezing sleet.  It was hard to tell what season we were in but hey, such is life.

The Saturday night had us trudging towards the Olympiastadion on a dark, wet March evening with quite a few supporters deciding it was all too much but hey I’m sure the listener appreciates our commitment.

As discussed in the podcast the already dark, wet rather miserable night was supplemented by a little pyro display put on by the visiting supporters.  I guess they wanted to block out the superior support in the Ostkurve with the smoke.  Here are a few photos as a picture paints a thousand words . . . or something . . .    

Anyhoo . . . DMTF008 has us chatting about . . . 

  • Hello’s
  • What’s episode 008 all about
  • Hamburger SV away and the end of the 448 minute goal drought with goals from Lazaro (voted Bundesliga “Rookie of the month” for March) and Kalou
  • The German National Team and the stadium support (or the lack of it)
  • At home in the highland mist against VfL Wolsfburg
  • Fan discontent with the management and Mr Keuter in particular.  Objections to the digitalisation of the club a resources used in that area and e-Sports rather than “real sport”.
  • Hertha abstained in the DFL 50+1 vote although Fan Clubs sent support of retaining of retaining the Status Quo.
  • The perils of the Bundesliga trying to compete with the likes the English Premiere League and Hertha seeking investors.  Also the amazing disappearing John-Anthony Brooks (who?)
  • More about Hertha’s game against Wolfsburg and looking forward to next season (is this season already over?). The return of Julian Schieber.
  • Jan misses the 11mm football film festival though ill heath.
  • Simon talks about looking at whales and Jan regrets not seeing puffins in Scotland.
  • It’s a wrap

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Useful links to subjects mentioned:

Lothar Matthäus – 

Der Himmel über Berlin  (English title “Wings of Desire”). –

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DMTF007 – Hertha and the Disappearing Goal Threat

This episode of the Don’t Mention The Fussball Podcast looks back at the long distant memory of Hertha scoring a goal in the light of the last three games against: Bayern,  Munich (Away), Schalke/Gelsenkirchen and SC Freiburg.

Over this period we endured in excess of 392 minutes of football without Hertha finding the net.  So, here’s how it went . . .

  • Introduction
  • Jan’s visit to Munich – including a rant about stadium music
  • Away in Gelsenkirchen – including an unusual way of gaining pleasure from a football match
  • SC Freiburg in the Olympiastadium including visitors and interesting banners on Monday night protests.

  • A mini-interview with two visitors to the Olympiastadion
  • Listener questions – Jonny Klinsmann in the news
  • The BFG (Per Mertesacker) and the pressures of modern football
  • Next week – away in Hamburg and perhaps HSV descending
  • The prospect of a new shirt sponsor for next season
  • It’s a wrap

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Useful links to subjects mentioned:

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DMTF006 – Even more precarious games

Hello there peeps,

Simónir has returned from his vacaciones and we are back at it in our little room with DMTF006. We discuss three more or less precarious games, dabble and digress.

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:19 BSCM05
00:14:28 B04BSC
00:26:45 Hertha II vs. Viktoria 1899
00:34:33 Remembering the past
00:45:52 Q+A (constains digression)
01:08:37 More digression and botched farewell


Simon’s latest blog entry:…of-adversity

Links relating to us rambling and digressing about the past of Hertha, Berlin and football in general . . .

The Stolperstein Project to commemorate those murdered in the Holocaust.

Walter Frankenstein:

Berti “Der Terrier” Vogts bio:

Schalke and the four-minute-championship:…-championship/

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DMTF005 – With Precarious Technical Difficulty

Here we are back again with our fifth episode where we deal with the technical  difficulties of remote pod casting as a result of Simónir being first in Spain and then in England.  This posed considerable difficulties for a couple of guys who not only know very little about football but also, it appears, making podcasts which under the circumstances is unfortunate.

In this episode we talk about a number of topics including:

    • Why was Simónir not in Berlin?
    • Agenda
    • Away in Bremen – SVWBSC.
    • Transfers.
    • At home in the snow against Hoffenheim.
    • Predictions for the next three games (hopelessly inaccurate)
    • Goalkeepers
    • The 50+ rule comparisons with England (a question from Sorgenkind)
    • Its a wrap

You can listen to this episode via iTunes and Souncloud in the normal way but also through the embedded player below.  If you use iTunes don’t forget to rate us and hopefully say something nice.


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DMTF004 – Selke Through The Smoke

Here we are, back again after the winter break with Don’t Mention The Football Podcast Episode 004 – “Selke Through The Smoke”.  Hear more from Jan and Simónir about Hertha BSC in English.

Amongst other things we talk about the first game of 2018 away in Stuttgart followed by the first home game this year against Borussia Dortmund.  There were disappointments, paper Choreos and Pyros just for starters!


A Paper Choreo                                                    Pyros in the guest block

  • Simónir’s Deathbed
  • Away at Stuttgart including the curse of the Ruckrunde
  • Borussia Dortmand being rude
  • Discussing players: Weiser, Haraguchi, Jan’s mum, Sinan Kurt, Lusti
  • Hertha Exhibition and the Hertha Fan Project
  • Brexit stamps!
  • It’s a wrap

This show’s show notes –  DMTF004 – Selke Through The Smoke

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Winter Break Special Featuring Fizzy Pop

To get you in the right frame of mind for the Rückrunde we have our third episode.

This time we talk about the Winter break as well as the game against a well known fizzy pop franchise.  So, this episode includes:

    • Away game in Leipzig
    • Current state of affairs
    • The Winter Break
    • New Year’s Resolutions
    • Our guest Nico speaking on performance comparisons and statistics
    • Transfers and Youth
    • Expectations
    • It’s a wrap

You can play it directly through this website using the player below . . .

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Shownotes for DMTF Podcast Episode 003

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Special song after a very special game

After a very special game in Leutzsch last night, we would like to release this little gem from last Friday. After a very interesting event by Hertha für Alle at the Hauptstadtfußball exhibition, the Herthaners present sang a very special song for the three birthday boys and girls. Enjoy!


Edit: This post was stuck in our Dashboard for a few weeks, so there it is. The song was used as an interlude in episode 003. Enjoy…

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Merry Christmas and Call for Papers

Hello there, Herthaners and peeps who are on the verge of being hooked (some game the guys played in Leipzig, huh?)!
Over the Christmas break, we will use the free time to reflect on the first half of the season and all the things related to our Old Lady, be it the not so successful Pokal campaign, how Hertha got f#*@ed over by the UEFA referees (great trigger word for me) or how the offseason transfers finally paid off (special shout out to Lazaro and Selke!). We will talk in depth about how Hertha put the horns on the Raba Leipzig project on Matchday 17…

To trick you into thinking we care about your opinions, we are now opening the request lines. Contact us on social media or email us at … We will record January 2nd, so let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

From us here at the DMTF Headquarters, it’s a happy holidays from me, and a prosperous new year from him.


Simónir and Jan

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DMTF-Podcast 002 – Flugkopfball

Yay, our second episode “Flugkopfball” (Flying Header) is online.  We discuss, amongst other things:

  • The home game against Ostersunds
  • The away game in Augsburg
  • The home game against Hannover ’96 (awful weather)
  • Listener questions

Link to Episode 002 – FlugKopfball on Soundcloud

Link to Episode 002 – Flugkopfball on iTunes


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First episode online!

Hi there, if you are reading this, our first episode is online. We discuss, amongst other things:

  • Hertha’s adventures in Bilbao,
  • Away at FC Köln
  • At home against Eintracht Frankfurt
  • The U23 Game against LOK Leipzig
  • Thanks to Damenwahl, Hertha Base Podcast, Rasenfunk

Leave us your comments in the comments or bash us on social media: @dmtfpodcast

Episode 001 – DMTF Podcast on Soundcloud

DMTF Podcast on iTunes


Have a listen using one of the links above or soon you’ll be able to subscribe using the formidable Podlove “Subscribe button” below.

See you soon, HaHoHe, Hertha BSC!

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