DMTF014 – Who is this team?

After a bit of a break Jan and Simonir return to wonder who this team is that appear to have emerged from the shadows.  They’re wearing Blue and White although we’re not sure who they are.  Having said this we”re warming to them!

The Saxon beer glass

00h 00m 10s – Hello
00h 00m 48s – Anthems before 1. FC Nürnberg 
00h 03m 34s – Hertha v FC Nurnberg
00h 06m 54s – Hertha away in Gelsenkirchen 
00h 12m  10s  – Hertha in Wolfsburg
00h 16m  53s  – Hertha M’Gladbach
00h 26m 40s  – Hertha in Bremen
00h 34m 44s  – Hertha Bayern featuring the Olympiastadion by phone-light and some pretty excited Hertha fans see the following video clips:

Now we’ve talked about the football we start wandering off track and digressing . . .
as usual . . .

00h 50m 30s – Champions?  Various digressions 
00h 52m 12s  – New players, new team
01h 03m 32s. – Next game in Mainz
01h 05m 18s. – It’s a wrap

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